View Preservation Committee

View Preservation Committee   The View Preservation Committee is a division of the Architecture Committee.  The View Preservation Committee  has authority to require any homeowner to remove, trim, top or prune any tree, shrub or hedge on his/her property which it believes unreasonably impedes the view from any … [Read more...]

View Preservation Committee – Planting Restrictions

Review Restrictions Before Planting Trees The CC&Rs Landscape Improvements Rule 4101.7 states: "Tall trees that cannot be Tall trimmed (King, Queen and Kentia Palms; Star Pines; etc.) may not be planted.” Unfortunately, over the years, many of these species have been planted without approval of the Architectural Committee. As these trees grow … [Read more...]

View Preservation Committee: Preserving Our Precious Views – May 2012

Preserving our Precious Views – Read how the View Preservation Committee pursues this goal: The View Preservation Committee's primary function is to respond to view blockage complaints and judge whether or not an unreasonable view impairment exists. It then recommends either removal, trimming or that no action be taken. If a view blockage is … [Read more...]

Volunteers Needed – November 2011

The View Preservation Committee is seeking new members. We meet once a month on Mondays. Our primary function is to access view issues submitted by residents. If you are interested, please call Matt at the Niguel Shores office. —Kathy Jones   … [Read more...]