Traffic & Safety Committee: Guests, Parking, & Dogs on Leash

I hope that this isn't the proverbial quiet before the storm, but in terms of Traffic and Safety everything is going smoothly. Of course we appreciate that with warmer days approaching some old issues and some new ones are likely to pop up. In the meantime, if we can just just address some minor matters and keep some focus on our guests, we can … [Read more...]

Traffic & Safety: Spring Safety

Surveillance Cameras: Just about the time we read this, our new surveillance cameras should be installed allowing extra sharp and crisp pictures of select (public) spots within our community. Hopefully, these new cameras should deter those that may be tempted to steal, vandalize or trespass. I understand that these cameras are sophisticated enough … [Read more...]

Traffic & Safety Committee: Scooters, Skateboards, & Drones

New Member: Currently we have a vacancy on the Traffic and Safety Committee and we are looking for a concerned and well meaning resident to fill it. If you, or you know of someone that may be interested in becoming involved, providing insight and advice pertaining to safety issues in our community, you might be just the person we need. If … [Read more...]

Traffic & Safety Committee: Safety

With the festive season drawing to a close, it is the time to make resolutions for the upcoming year. With safety in mind, we would encourage everyone to consider driving habits. Perhaps because we are too familiar with the surroundings in our community, a lot of us are being a bit sloppy, and not coming to a complete stop at our stop signs. Stop … [Read more...]

Traffic & Safety Committee: Holiday Visitors

Treacherous Gates Sometimes daily, and certainly weekly, a visitor attempts to enter our community via the controlled Cabrillo or Selva gates and has their tires flattened by the spikes restricting entry. As often as not, these subjects are first time service people whom we have summoned. Not familiar with the area, they follow their GPS that … [Read more...]

Traffic & Safety Committee: Uber & Lyft

The busy and sometimes hectic Winter Holidays are approaching and we will experience a significant influx of cars entering our community. We can all do our part during this season to expedite traffic flow, minimize frustrations and protect our property. To start with ensure our Guest Lists are current and update them as quickly as possible. Also … [Read more...]

Traffic & Safety Committee: Guest Passes

I would like to briefly discuss Guest Passes. Of course the importance of updating our guest lists in a timely manner cannot be over emphasized. However, we all get those last minute notifications that someone is dropping by to visit. The best method of updating our list is to do it electronically via our computers. This however, isn’t … [Read more...]

Traffic & Safety Committee: Summer Season

We are just a week or so into the summer season and history has taught us that in just a short while there will be sharp increase in the number of guests visiting our community. To minimize the anticipated backup of visitor cars at the front gate, and of course the corresponding frustrations, a few modifications of procedure have been … [Read more...]

Traffic & Safety Committee: Close Calls

Close Calls How long can it last? I don't remember a serious injury traffic collision occurring within our community in the last thirteen years. In most jurisdictions injury accidents normally involve one car colliding with another. However, based strictly on subjective informal complaints if we ever suffer a serious injury accident, more than … [Read more...]

Traffic & Safety Committee: Hoverboards

Lock it Up! For many of us the Bluff is among the more pleasant places to gather to enjoy the evening, watch the sunset, have a cool drink, and enjoy the companionship of neighbors and friends. Sadly, for some but for the overall good, the party is over at 10:00 p.m. each evening. Security personnel are instructed to lock the gates and anyone … [Read more...]