Traffic & Safety Committee: Malicious Mischief

With the Yuletide and Winter Solstice rapidly approaching, it will become darker much earlier. At the same time vehicle and pedestrian traffic will increase during the upcoming holidays. Keeping that in mind, we ask each of you to drive extra carefully and also to be extra cautious while walking across all streets. Car Clouts: “Tis the season . . … [Read more...]

Traffic and Safety Committee: Citations-Uber/Lyft-Holiday Season

Citations—Ouch! — Just a few weeks ago a motorcycle deputy sheriff entered our community to monitor traffic. Within a very brief period of time, he noticed several violations in the vicinity of Mariner Drive and Niguel Shores Road. He subsequently issued four citations for failing to stop at a stop sign. I know we have all seen similar violations, … [Read more...]

Traffic and Safety Committee: Lock It or Lose It!

Traffic and Safety Committee Lock It or Lose It! Another unlocked car parked in our community was entered by a thief and a wallet was stolen last month. We have learned through the past few years that former and new “car clouts” generally do not force entry into vehicles any longer. The risk and increased penalty simply isn’t worth it. With the … [Read more...]

Traffic & Safety Committee: Guests

Guests: On occasion, we have misunderstandings involving guests and folks purporting to be guests with our screening personnel at the front gate. While our patrol officers seldom have difficulty with regular residents, most of the conflict involves people not on a current guest list or guests attempting to bring in their own guests. The attitude … [Read more...]

Traffic and Safety Committee: Sheriff in the Community

I assume by now a lot of us have seen the uniformed deputy sheriff that has been assigned, along with other collateral responsibilities, to focus on our community. He will provide visible patrol and take appropriate enforcement action. I suspect the first offenses he will notice are the folks that don’t completely stop for stop signs. However, … [Read more...]

Traffic & Safety Committee: NEVs and Golf Carts

Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs) and Golf Carts With the warm weather upon us, a lot of folks will be cleaning and charging their Golf Carts or Neighborhood Electric Vehicles to transport friends and family to the beach, pool, or neighbors’ homes within the community. Note: Technically, all vehicles operating in the Shores are considered … [Read more...]

Traffic & Safety Committee: School Year-End

The school year is drawing to an end and summer is almost here. With the start of this warm weather season we will surely have a significant increase in the number of guests entering our community. To minimize conflicts and maximize the good times, we are asking for everyone’s help. First of all, please update your guest lists. In the event you … [Read more...]

Traffic & Safety Committee: Guests, Parking, & Dogs on Leash

I hope that this isn't the proverbial quiet before the storm, but in terms of Traffic and Safety everything is going smoothly. Of course we appreciate that with warmer days approaching some old issues and some new ones are likely to pop up. In the meantime, if we can just just address some minor matters and keep some focus on our guests, we can … [Read more...]

Traffic and Safety Committee

Traffic and Safety Committee Mission   The mission of the Niguel Shores Traffic & Safety Committee is to serve the community and advise the Board of Directors in matters related to: ingress/egress to and from the community; the safe passage of pedestrians and vehicles throughout the community; the rules governing traffic and pedestrian … [Read more...]

Traffic & Safety: Spring Safety

Surveillance Cameras: Just about the time we read this, our new surveillance cameras should be installed allowing extra sharp and crisp pictures of select (public) spots within our community. Hopefully, these new cameras should deter those that may be tempted to steal, vandalize or trespass. I understand that these cameras are sophisticated enough … [Read more...]