Maintenance Committee: Lamps and Gates

The Maintenance Committee is responsible for the oversight of all maintenance and repair activities for Niguel Shores Community Association. Duties include assisting the Maintenance Department on large, annual projects like street maintenance, evaluation of alternative upgrade proposals like the Coach Lamp project, monitoring progress on approved … [Read more...]

Maintenance Committee: New Picnic Tables

Maintenance staff recently installed two redwood picnic tables to supplement the older tables at the Beach Bluff. These have drawn a number of compliments and positive comments from Bluff users. The very first resident claiming a picnic table on July 4th chose one of the two redwood picnic tables. Forever Redwood, the company making the picnic … [Read more...]

Maintenance Committee: Recycling

Some maintenance activities result in the generation of recyclable material not needed by NSCA. For example, the renovation of the Mariner Gatehouse replaced a copper roof and copper rain gutters. Both are recyclable. As a second example, we are replacing the coach lights throughout NSCA, and the old fixtures are candidates for … [Read more...]

Maintenance Committee: Infrastructure Maintenance

Among the items of NSCA infrastructure that require maintenance attention are the HOA’s many fences. Our proximity to the ocean creates a challenging environment for upkeep on these. Projects are underway to repair/replace two relatively large fence segments because of rusting. One project involves the fence along Ports O’ Call separating NSCA … [Read more...]

Maintenance Committee: Camera Surveillance System Upgrade

Our maintenance team has recently upgraded the camera surveillance system which provides a vital tool for the Niguel Shores staff and patrol service team. The new higher-definition cameras provide 24 hour coverage of areas that are prone to vandalism, tailgating, and they can be reviewed for legal evidence. In addition they’re easier to maintain, … [Read more...]

Maintenance Committee: Streets

Niguel Shores Community Association has about 13 miles of asphalt streets. The Maintenance Department is responsible for the long-term health of these streets, and this maintenance is one of the largest reserve items that NSCA covers. A multiyear street-by-street plan is updated annually to predict future expenses and to plan for street maintenance … [Read more...]

Maintenance Committee

Maintenance Committee Mission   The mission of the NSCA Maintenance Committee is to serve the Board of Directors and community as an advisor in matters related to the upkeep and care of the physical assets of the Association. At the request of the Board, the committee will work with the association staff to: Provide recommendations … [Read more...]

Maintenance Committee: Phase II of Coach Light Project

Phase II of the Coach Light Project, a quantity of 100, eighteen-inch fixtures are all installed on the entrance pilasters. Installation began in January at Mercator and Nauticus entrances, followed by Salvador, Hobart, Perth, Brisbane, Montego, Sidney, Tampico, Verrazanno, Coral, Tasman, Bothnia, Amundsen, Marmara, Danzig, Taranto, Ionian, Kara, … [Read more...]

Maintenance Committee: United States Flag Code

The Maintenance staff has the responsibility for the USflag at the NSCA community center. At times, the flag is flown at half-staff. The pertinent section of the United States Flag Code says, “by order of the President, the flag shall be flown at half-staff upon the death of principal figures of the United States Government and the Governor of a … [Read more...]

Maintenance Committee: Water Leaks

Maintenance Staff eliminates a Mysterious Water Leak on Niguel Shores Drive. Many who frequent the trip to the beach bluff parking may have noticed a small stream of water in the gutter starting in early spring of 2016. At first, all dismissed it as just groundwater. Some investigation revealed that the water was originating in the storm … [Read more...]