Landscape Committee: Tenting for Termites

Please check with the office if you are going to tent for termites or fumigate as a condition of escrow. There have been incidents in the Shores of the tents being placed over plants by adjacent homeowners, which in turn has caused Association plants to be destroyed. This requires the Association to assess repair costs to the homeowner for the … [Read more...]

Landscape Committee: October 2017 Update

Tree Trimming The annual tree trimming throughout the community will begin this month and should go until the end of December or possibly sooner if they complete the project early. Although we have view-related tree trimming requests throughout the year, the fall months are the best time to trim our community trees because of the cooler … [Read more...]

Landscape Committee – SCWD Watering Update

According to South Coast Water District (SCWD), watering days have increased. Our area of the District has listed Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday between 5 p.m. and 9 a.m. as the time for watering. For full regulations, visit Harvest Landscaping is in the process of removing all plant material off the slope on Niguel … [Read more...]

Landscape Committee

Landscape Committee Mission   While each member of the Landscape Committee represents and has the responsibility for his/her area as defined in the Rules and Regulations, the committee as a whole shall work toward a coordinated, consistent, and colorful community landscape. By implementing a long-term plan, the committee shall replace … [Read more...]

Landscape Committee: Atlantic Garden Homes Area Rep. Wanted

We need a volunteer to serve on the Landscape Committee representing the Atlantic Garden Homes. We meet the second Tuesday of the month at 3:00 p.m. If you are interested and can meet at that time, please contact Matt Northrop at 949 493-0122. —Bill Walkup … [Read more...]

South Coast Water District: Rate Increase Information Update

To All Niguel Shores Homeowners: Please review the South Coast Water District Rate Increase information below. SCWD - Rate Increase Packet SCWD - Correction to the Rate Increase Packet UPDATED GM REPORT - 6/03/16 As many of you may have read in my GM report on the front page of the Seashore News, the South Coast Water District … [Read more...]

Landscape Committee: January/February To-Do List

January/February To-Do List: 1. Plant Bulbs you’ve stored or bought. 2. Continue to plant cool-season color—pansy, snapdragon, viola, cyclamen, and sweet pea. 3. Plant spring-summer perennials: delphinium, foxglove, dianthus. 4. Prune roses now. Seal cuts on branches thicker than your thumb. Redefine watering basins. Apply … [Read more...]

Landscape Committee: Fall Tree Trimming

All of approximately 2000 trees in our community will be trimmed commencing by the end of September and to be completed by Christmas. Harvest will have an arborist overseeing this operation. Check the website for updates on its progress. Editor’s Note: For us bird lovers, other than Hummingbirds, our local year around bird population do not nest … [Read more...]

Landscape Committee: Soil Analysis

At our last landscape meeting, we had two members of Simplot Partners discuss soil core findings in their soil analysis report of several community landscape locations. The report indicates a very sandy soil, which does not have any nutriment hold capacity. What they suggest we do is add organic matter to the soil. This will allow more … [Read more...]

Niguel Shores Bluebird Nestbox Project Update

Niguel Shores Bluebird Nestbox Project Status 2013-2014 In the spring of 2013 the NSCA Board approved a project to install ten Western Bluebird nestboxes in common area trees.  Of the ten installed early that summer, one was chosen as a nesting site by a pair of bluebirds.  The female bluebird built a nest in the box and laid five eggs. As … [Read more...]