Seashore News: So how are we doing?

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Maintenance Committee: New Picnic Tables

Maintenance staff recently installed two redwood picnic tables to supplement the older tables at the Beach Bluff. These have drawn a number of compliments and positive comments from Bluff users. The very first resident claiming a picnic table on July 4th chose one of the two redwood picnic tables. Forever Redwood, the company making the picnic … [Read more...]

Emergency Preparedness Committee: Updated Contact Information

WOW, is it August already? Although there’s still plenty of summer and fall to enjoy, don’t forget to keep in mind the precautions for hot weather, sunburn, beach and pool safety, crazy traffic, and so forth. AND, I hate to remind you, as if you didn’t know already, but back-to-school is just around the corner. In addition to getting supplies and … [Read more...]

Communication Committee: Member Opening

The NSCA Communications Committee provides Niguel Shores residents with information about our own community as well as events of interest in the local area. We work together with leaders from the Shores many committees, clubs, and activities to spread news about their members and events. One way we do this is through publication and delivery of … [Read more...]

Traffic & Safety Committee: Guests

Guests: On occasion, we have misunderstandings involving guests and folks purporting to be guests with our screening personnel at the front gate. While our patrol officers seldom have difficulty with regular residents, most of the conflict involves people not on a current guest list or guests attempting to bring in their own guests. The attitude … [Read more...]

Recreation Committee: August News

What a great 4th of July Celebration! Thank you to everyone for your participation. What a fun day. This was the largest and most creative 4th of July Parade ever! Some of the golf carts were decorated as if they were ready to go to the Rose Parade. I hope you all enjoyed it. Thank you to Nancy Tinnes for chairing this event and organizing all … [Read more...]

Emergency Preparedness Committee: Summer Safety

Wishing you a wonderful and SAFE Fourth of July celebration. Enjoy the day with family and friends—food, games, beach, sun and, yes, fireworks displays (run by the pros, without you ever lighting a match). Did you hear the one about the good neighbor/bad neighbor nearby? We are so fortunate to have a beautiful expanse of OCEAN literally at our … [Read more...]

Maintenance Committee: Recycling

Some maintenance activities result in the generation of recyclable material not needed by NSCA. For example, the renovation of the Mariner Gatehouse replaced a copper roof and copper rain gutters. Both are recyclable. As a second example, we are replacing the coach lights throughout NSCA, and the old fixtures are candidates for … [Read more...]

Landscape Committee – SCWD Watering Update

According to South Coast Water District (SCWD), watering days have increased. Our area of the District has listed Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday between 5 p.m. and 9 a.m. as the time for watering. For full regulations, visit Harvest Landscaping is in the process of removing all plant material off the slope on Niguel … [Read more...]

Recreation Committee: Summer Events

Summer has officially arrived at the Shores, beginning with our fun Memorial Day BBQ. The tables were filled with families and friends, the sunset was glowing, and it was a great party for all! Thank you, Art Staudenbaur, for stepping up and helping us with the lighting of our BBQ. So much appreciated. We hope everyone enjoyed our In N Out Night … [Read more...]