Traffic and Safety Committee: Lock It or Lose It!

Traffic and Safety Committee Lock It or Lose It! Another unlocked car parked in our community was entered by a thief and a wallet was stolen last month. We have learned through the past few years that former and new “car clouts” generally do not force entry into vehicles any longer. The risk and increased penalty simply isn’t worth it. With the … [Read more...]

Emergency Preparedness: Disaster Safety

Emergency Preparedness Who among us has a crystal ball, access to a sure thing at Del Mar, or even the secret to hitting the winning number on the roulette table in Vegas? Don’t we wish! As of this writing our prayers continue for all the victims of the horrific hurricanes in the Houston area, the Caribbean and the Southeastern United States. … [Read more...]

Landscape Committee: October 2017 Update

Tree Trimming The annual tree trimming throughout the community will begin this month and should go until the end of December or possibly sooner if they complete the project early. Although we have view-related tree trimming requests throughout the year, the fall months are the best time to trim our community trees because of the cooler … [Read more...]

Website – September 2017 Update

As you are reading this, Summer 2017 is one for the history books and it is officially fall here in Niguel Shores. I hope you were lucky enough to enjoy some of the events hosted this summer by our Recreation Committee or even get down to the Bluff to catch an occasional sunset—OK maybe more than occasional. I know I did and thoroughly enjoyed it. … [Read more...]

Recreation Committee: October Events

We had great turnouts at our September BBQ, Band Concert, and Island Festival. A big thank you to Kevin Rausch for lighting the Labor Day grill and to all the others that helped. Don’t miss these events in October: Garage Sale – October 14, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Sign up in the office to participate. Donation pick up will be at 1 p.m. so make … [Read more...]

Sea Terrace I Board Announcement: Call for Candidates

Sea Terrace I Board Announcement The Sea Terrace 1 Board is soliciting self-nominations to run for the Board for a two-year term. The Board meets two to three times a year and oversees the operations of the Sea Terrace 1 Townhome Association, which primarily manages the painting process for our townhomes. If you are interested or have questions … [Read more...]

Emergency Preparedness Committee: September 2017

DON’T SHOOT THE MESSENGER! I have had the pleasure of contributing articles for the Seashore News over several years and do so in hopes that they serve as reminders and enlightenment to many things we can do to prepare for potential emergencies in our community, homes, travels, insuring the safety of our family and friends. In this issue: What to … [Read more...]

Recreation Committee: September News 2017

Oh No! Where did our Summer Go? I am sure a lot of you have mixed feelings, as I do, when August ends. Summer is gone but not for those who live in this beautiful community of Niguel Shores. We still have one of the best months of the year coming up: September! We can still enjoy our beaches and sunshine a little longer! I hope you all enjoyed our … [Read more...]

Maintenance Committee: Lamps and Gates

The Maintenance Committee is responsible for the oversight of all maintenance and repair activities for Niguel Shores Community Association. Duties include assisting the Maintenance Department on large, annual projects like street maintenance, evaluation of alternative upgrade proposals like the Coach Lamp project, monitoring progress on approved … [Read more...]

Seashore News: So how are we doing?

[Read more...]