Oreo Book Club: Cadilac Desert by Mark Reisner

Mary Crowl hosted the meeting with chocolates from Ghirardelli’s in San Francisco as an added treat. We discussed Cadillac Desert by Mark Reisner, a book that reviews the history of water use in the United States, but particularly in the western states. Reisner documents the inappropriate over-use of rivers and underground water by agriculture and … [Read more...]

Oreo Book Club: Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance

We met at the home of Norton Schwartz on March 15 to discuss the book Hillbilly Elegy, written by J. D. Vance. Aspects of the rural and poor small town culture were discussed and the impact of those values on the behavior of that group considered. We compared it to our own growing up and what differences and similarities were reflected in our own … [Read more...]

Oreo Cookie Book Club: Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance

We met at the home of Norton Schwartz on February 15 and discussed the book ISIS—The State of Terror by Stern and Berger. The book covered the rise of ISIS, their recruiting methods and their ideology that will help them persist. We discussed the alternate roles of the United States in meeting this threat to the Mid-East and the domestic problem … [Read more...]

Oreo Book Club: The Fix – How Nations Thrive and Survive in the World in Decline by Jonathan Tepperman

We met at the home of Mary Crowl on Wednesday, January 18 to discuss the book The Fix—How Nations Thrive and Survive in a World in Decline by Jonathan Tepperman, managing editor of Foreign Affairs magazine. He discusses some of the world’s problems, such as immigration, corruption, civil war, and Islamic extremism and tells the story of different … [Read more...]

Archive of Past Oreo Cookie Book Club Updates

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Oreo Book Club: The Imperial Cruise by James Brady

The Oreo Book Club met at the home of Lakshman Sehgal on Wednesday, November 16, to review The Imperial Cruise by James Brady. The book covered a period of Teddy Roosevelt’s Gun Boat diplomacy in the Pacific with the Philippines, Japan and Korea. His thesis was that Teddy was responsible for Japan Bombing Pearl Harbor and everything else that went … [Read more...]

Oreo Book Club: Re-Writing the Rules of the American Economy by Joseph Stieglitz

We met at the home of Norton Schwartz on September 15 to review his recommendation Why liberals Win the Culture Wars by Stephan Prothero. The thesis of the book was that the arc of American history goes from conservatism to liberal in cultural issues such as women’s rights, gay rights, black rights, civil liberties, etc. Historical examples were … [Read more...]

Oreo Book Club: Why Liberals Win the Culture Wars by Stephen Prothero

The Really Serious Oreo Book Club met in August to review and discuss the book American Caesar by William Manchester. This book is about the arc of the life of General Douglas Mac Arthur, from hero to fired General. Diane Hearne hosted and led the discussion. The next meeting will be on September 21st at the home of Norton Schwartz. The book to … [Read more...]

Oreo Book Club: One Nation Under God by Kruse

We met at the home of Mike Harrod to review One Nation Under God by Kruse. David Goldberg led the discussion of how our country, founded on the principle of separation of Church and State, evolved into a government with God on its currency, prayers before every opening of Congress, White House prayer sessions and preachers of every category … [Read more...]

Oreo Book Club: God’s Bankers by Gerald Posner

We met at the home of Norton Schwartz to review his recommendation of God's Bankers by Gerald Posner. The deeds and mis-deeds of some of the Popes and the clerics who ran the Vatican Bank and investments were detailed in the book. The close ties to the Fascists in Italy and Nazis in Germany during and after World War II were cited in the book, as … [Read more...]