Traffic and Safety Committee: Expedite Delivery Service

Expedite Delivery Service:
It is a sign of the times that more and more folks arrive at the gate to deliver restaurant prepared food or gourmet meals all set for cooking. At the same time, Uber and Lyft drivers also arrive anxious to pick up passengers, but not knowing the exact address because of their communications system. Unfortunately, the gate attendant on duty often has not been alerted or given authorization to admit these people.
The gate attendant will attempt to ameliorate each matter, but as often as not, there will be delays.
Some of our neighbors have taken it upon themselves to meet the Uber and Lyft drivers at the entrance to avoid any confusion and ensure a timely trip. The rest of us have to remember to immediately notify the gate via the phone at (949) 487-4185 or the computer at or on matters involving last minute deliveries and guests.
Note: Please appreciate that the gate attendant cannot always answer the phone during busy times at the gate and sometimes it takes as long as 30 minutes for the gate computer to update information you send.
Overnight Parking of Vehicles on the Street:
Normally, we park all of our cars and trucks in our garages, or on driveways that can accommodate them.
However, our rules allow for temporary overnight street parking under special circumstances such as construction projects and temporary guests. These permits are given on a case by case basis by our office staff.
Regular street parking permits are also granted to residents when the size of the garage and driveways cannot accommodate vehicles registered to the house. At times a bit of confusion arises when folks utilize a portion of the garage for an amount of storage that precludes a vehicle(s) from parking there. I am perhaps oversimplifying this, but as far as street parking permits are concerned, garages are for vehicles and not necessarily storage.
“Lock it or Lose it!” or “Get our Fair Share!” Recent reports reflect that thieves entered three presumably unlocked vehicles and stole a variety of quality items. As with most of these thefts lately, they probably occurred in the early morning hours in an area not too far from Stonehill.
There are unsubstantiated rumors that quite a few other parked cars have been entered and pilfered in the past few months.
Unfortunately, there are no official reports of these matters. To stop these thefts, we have to ensure everybody locks their vehicles, even when they are parked in driveways. Next, report suspicious activity to the Dana Point Sheriff’s Office. You can be valuable by just being a good witness. The next step, and maybe the most important, is to be sure that if a crime occurs, no matter how small (ransacking to contents of the glove box) report it to the Sheriff. I keep emphasizing reporting crimes, as the Sheriff will base prevention and suppression patrols on crime patterns. So far, our neighborhood hasn’t supplied them with enough information to merit more police attention than our percentage of the Dana Point population merits.
— God Bless . . . Tim Murphy

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