Traffic & Safety Committee: Malicious Mischief

With the Yuletide and Winter Solstice rapidly approaching, it will become darker much earlier. At the same time vehicle and pedestrian traffic will increase during the upcoming holidays. Keeping that in mind, we ask each of you to drive extra carefully and also to be extra cautious while walking across all streets.
Car Clouts: “Tis the season . . .” for thefts from motor vehicles. For the most part, thieves don’t break into locked vehicles any more. However, don’t tempt them by leaving anything of value in an unattended car.
Guard it: We are responsible for our guests. Recently, we have experienced incidents wherein purported guests placed their “host” in a precarious and embarrassing position by becoming a nuisance and maliciously annoying others. There have been several occasions where the non-resident individuals causing the problems had somehow obtained passwords and later utilized the information at the gate to gain entrance to use our amenities and annoy folks. The lesson is to guard your personal gate passwords.
Fire Hydrants: We have quite a few fire hydrants throughout our community, and many are in mid-block. The curbs near these devices are not necessarily painted to warn us not to park near them. We have to  be alert so we don’t park within 15 feet of any of them unless it is otherwise posted. Incidentally, if you were wondering, we don’t have control over the color the hydrants are painted.
Malicious Mischief: Recently a criminal(s) vandalized some of the lanterns along the pathways and streets of our community.
They seemed to have taken delight breaking the glass on the quaint lanterns that most of us appreciate. To properly replace or fix these lights costs all of us in more than one way. The damage detracts from the overall positive ambiance of our neighborhoods, and it utilizes money that we could better spend elsewhere. If anyone has information about the suspect(s) please pass it to the office.
Time of Year: This is the season to say, “Nolliag Shona Duit.”
—Tim Murphy