Garden Club: For-get-Me-Not project

The Garden Club met on Monday, November 20, for our annual Garden Therapy, For-get-Me-Not project. Members assembled 32 holiday gift bags destined for our local homebound citizens to brighten their holidays.
Members enjoyed a colorful array of delicious snacks to fortify themselves for the difficult task ahead of filling the gift bags (we are all getting older so it is harder for us to lift the assembled items). Our thanks to the hospitality team of Carmen Murphy, JoAnne Webb, Grace Glatt and many others for a bountiful spread.
As to the difficult task of filling the gift bags, Chris Daley’s team including Dan Daley, Paul and Deni Ferguson, Ginny Gravley, Marilou Heckman, Yollie Mancino, and Francis Ozimec all worked to collect items like mini flashlights, glue sticks, pads with pens, combs, candles, socks, cosmetics, scarves, toothbrushes, soaps, lotions, mugs (to name just a few) and, of course, the colorful gift bag itself.
Tables were set up around the sides of the room, leaving the center open for the team to distribute the gift items to members who sat outside the square. This facilitated distribution so all gift bags were filled the same, and once filled, the last job was to add colorful wrapping paper and bows. Voila! Job done.
This club activity permits us to apply for a Garden Therapy Award from the California Garden Club, Inc. (CGCI) of which we are affiliated. The application and photos taken during the meeting will be submitted by the end of the month.
On Monday, November 6, club officers Chris Daley and Karl Kuhn attended the Orange County Garden Club District meeting in Mission Viejo representing Niguel Shores as one of 22 garden clubs in Orange County. We received our copy of the CGCI Yearbook, Manual and Roster booklet and also membership discount cards good at many nurseries and garden centers. These discount cards were distributed to eachmember at the November meeting. Besides providing a delicious brunch the District’s excellent speaker, Kathe Hayden, spent over an hour creating beautiful Thanksgiving and Christmas floral samples.
Our Holiday Party is scheduled for December 18. Members should bring a $10 garden related wrapped gift for our Gift Exchange.
We wish the Niguel Shores family a joyous holiday season, with the coming year full of good health and happiness.
—Karl Kuhn

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