Emergency Preparedness Committee: Protecting Our Homes

We hope your Thanksgiving holiday was a wonderful celebration enjoying family and friends, and giving thanks for all the blessings we share in our lives—family, friends, health, abundance, and the wonderful community of Niguel Shores we call home. And now it’s time to celebrate more holiday cheer and joy through December and into the New Year.
This past year we have have talked about a lot of preparations we should make for protecting our homes and loved ones against earthquakes, fires, accidents, fraud, scams, theft, water safety, illness, and so on, but let’s take a step back as the year closes out to enjoy the holidays and prepare for 2018.
In the spirit of the season, during the coming days into January 2018 we can try to bring cheer to others, continue giving thanks for what we share in love and friendship, be generous in giving to those less fortunate, and reach out to bring joy and smiles to everyone.
AND, as we go about the fun of holiday festivities let’s make sure we are focused on following steps to insure safety in our travels, holiday shopping, preparing our homes with decorations, and celebrating up to New Year’s Day. Sometimes we get caught up in the rush to get things done and take shortcuts in being safe and vigilant in the process. Let’s STOP and SLOW DOWN and enjoy the beauty of the holidays without any mishaps.
Wishing you all joyous and wonderful holidays with good cheer, love, and many laughs and smiles.
—Kent Wellbrock

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