Landscape Committee: October 2017 Update

Tree Trimming
The annual tree trimming throughout the community will begin this month and should go until the end of December or possibly sooner if they complete the project early. Although we have view-related tree trimming requests throughout the year, the fall months are the best time to trim our community trees because of the cooler temperatures.
We are asking everyone for assistance during this process to keep the project moving along efficiently. If you park your car on the street or in your driveway and there is a tree close to the vehicle, please pay attention to when the crews are in your area and move your car away from trees in the work zone. If you do not move your vehicle, the crew will not trim trees and will be forced to reschedule any missed trees for a later date.
Remember that once the tree trimming is complete the trees should not grow a lot during the winter months. Then you can expect them to come back during the spring and we will start over again with the same process next fall. Hopefully, we will get to your area very soon and trim up the trees quickly, but keep in mind that this community has over two thousand trees. Your cooperation is important to maintain an efficient process and help to keep our budget intact for this annual project.
—Bill Walkup

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