Seashore News: High School and College Students — Opportunity Is Calling!

Communications Committee
High School and College Students — Opportunity Is Calling!

Here’s a chance to add depth to the list of accomplishments on your college application or job resume AND to become involved in the Niguel Shores community. Become a staffer for the Seashore News!
Submit a few lines each month about items of interest to young adults. Tell us about unique people, youth organizations, volunteer opportunities, special activities, school sports, tech items, entertainment, local hang-outs—or whatever you think young people would like to read.
Our editors can help you with ideas. We may also be able to provide you a reference letter when you need one for a college or job application.
So think about joining the Seashore News staff. It’s a great way to do something that benefits both yourself and your community. Opportunity is calling YOU!
For more information, contact Sandy or Yollie by email:

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