Women’s Club: Celebrating Niguel Shores Women

Celebrating Niguel Shores Women
Niguel Shores Women’s Club (NSWC) would like to invite our women residents to join us at our luncheon meetings which will resume in September and continue monthly to the Annual Tea in June.
We meet the second Thursday of the month from Noon to 2:00 p.m. to share tasty salads and desserts, conduct brief business, and enjoy the day’s featured program or event. Our programs differ each month with invited luncheon speakers to keep us informed on current topics. We also hold a winter Holiday Party, present a spring Fashion Show, host a biannual Home Tour, and serve hot dogs to the community on the Fourth of July. The only commitment for members is to bring a salad every other month they attend the luncheon meetings. Beyond that, they can enjoy the fun, bonding, laughter and participation in club activities to whatever degree they are able—one gathering, once a month, with delicious food and a lively program included!
As the current president of NSWC, I would like to share with you more about who we are as a group. I have been very impressed with our membership from the diversity of ages, careers, family backgrounds and high achievements club members have obtained.
This past February, our members were asked to complete a survey which would help to more fully educate ourselves on the make up of our club. We have 130 members. Of those, 62 responded to the survey (a 47% response rate!). In summary, allow me to introduce you to NSWC:
■ Our ages range from 41 to 99 years young. The majority of women are Caucasian, with a few Hispanic, Asian and Native American. The highest percentage of women are married while others are either widowed and/or responded single. There was one “not sure,” so I hope this is figured out in the near future.
■ 8 members responded they have 1 child; 25 indicated they have 2 children; 13 have 3 children; 9 have 4 children; 3 have 5 children; and 1 member has 6 children.
■ Having 2 grandchildren received the highest response (10 members) but there were those who had 3 to 7 grandchildren (4 or more members in each of those categories). The range of responses for the number of great grandchildren ran from 1 up to 10!
■ In achieving higher educational goals, we have 13 Associate Degrees, 27 Bachelors, 21 Masters, 3 Doctorates, 1 Post-Doctorate and 23 professional degrees/certificates.
■ Career/occupation areas broke down into the following:
Arts: Art Director, Choral Director, Church Organist, Classical Singer, Fashion Designer, Script Supervisor, and Screen Writer.
Business: Accountant, Assistant Business Manager Sports Illustrated, Business Manager, Chief Financial Officer, Entrepreneur, Medical Sales, Retail Sales, Customer Service, Vice President Sales, Vice President Stock Exchange, Wholesale Lending.
Education: K-12 Teacher, Department Chair, Counselor, Librarian, Principal, College Professor, Community College President.
Health Care: Nursing, Radiological Technician, Psychologist, Marriage and Family Counselor.
Legal: Lawyer, Legal Secretary, and Trust Advisor.
Real Estate: Real Estate Broker/Agent, Property Manager.
Travel: Flight Attendant, Travel Advisor/Manager.
Well-Being: Spiritual Director, Health Coach, Homemaker.
■ Forty-three members are retired, 4 work full-time, 11 work part-time.
■ Hobbies range from academic (reading, writing poetry/short stories/
novels, learning languages, genealogy, publications) to art and handiwork (painting, photography, knitting, crafts, fine art).
■ Members enjoy participating in games, music and theater, traveling, playing the stock market, remodeling and—of course—shopping!
■ The majority are very health conscious and enjoy the outdoors via golf, walking, running, skiing, biking, hiking, dancing fishing, yoga, swimming, paddle boarding boating, tennis, and gardening.
■ Over half of the members are involved in community and/or religious service.
■ In addition, the recognition and awards of members are very impressive. These range from Exceptional Young American, NS Volunteer of the Year, Outstanding Employee, Woman of the Year for Leukemia, President of Foundation, Golden Apple Lifetime Teaching Award, Real Estate Award, Founders Plus Achievement Award, Top 50 Women Business Owner, being honored at the White House by President Reagan as an Outstanding Hispanic Community Leader, Award for
Excellence in Teaching, Orange County Human Relations Award.
■ Accomplishments include leadership positions on boards and foundations, Founding Member of Segerstrom Center for the Arts, and Founding Member of Dana Point Historic Society. They also include hiking Half Dome in Yosemite, climbing Mt. Whitney (twice), Speed Skater, Hospital Volunteer, and most importantly—having raised “happy, well-adjusted and educated children.”
■ Members have lived in Niguel Shores from 1 year to 45 years.
■ Our members are also very active on committees and clubs in Niguel Shores, such as the NSCA Board, Recreation Committee, Communication Committee, Finance Committee, Seashore News, Dippy Dolphins, Bridge, Women’s Golf and book clubs to name a few.
We are a high energy, fun loving, caring group of women who enjoy each other’s company, give back to the community, honor and value the past, celebrate the moment, and have hope for the future.
Come join us. I know you can keep up with us. We are a busy group but we make time to break bread together once a month because we are worth it!
—Lydia Reese