Traffic & Safety Committee: Guests

On occasion, we have misunderstandings involving guests and folks purporting to be guests with our screening personnel at the front gate. While our patrol officers seldom have difficulty with regular residents, most of the conflict involves people not on a current guest list or guests attempting to bring in their own guests. The attitude of these folks ranges sometimes from just plain rude to belligerent.
We can all minimize most potential conflict by keeping our guest list current. If we need to make a last-minute add-on we have to appreciate that our gate system is a bit slow and it may take up to twenty minutes or more to reflect an update at the gate computer. A phone call to the gate house can be effective, but on occasion the attendant is busy and doesn’t have the time to pick up the phone. To ensure everything goes smoothly I have often personally gone to the gate and informed them of the add-on.
Remember, hosts are responsible for the conduct of guests, and that includes all parking citations the guest might receive. Some guests seemingly abuse the system and may continue to do so unless the specific host takes charge and explains our rules and/or removes the offender from their guest list. Otherwise the fines could prove to be very expensive.
Right-now I am thinking of those guests that don’t check in with their hosts and drive to the lower parking lot at the Bluff where parking is reserved for residents only. Those citations and fines will add up quickly.
Audio and Video Recording:
A brief reminder, should you suddenly discover that one of your guests embarrassed you and your family at the gate, you may review the extra-clear audio and video recording of the incident with staff.
—Stay Safe and God Bess . . . Tim Murphy

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