Men’s Golf: September 2017 News

August brought us great golf weather. Cool and clear. On August 8 we played our monthly tournament at Oak Creek—a group favorite. The game that day was “Team score—best 3 net scores for each foursome.” In this format we only count the 3 best net scores and throw out the worst net score for each foursome. This is a great format as it makes each foursome competitive regardless of handicap.
First place: Dick Grabham, Bill Verbrugge, Rick Palmer, and John Monson with a net score of 205
Second place: Roy Dohner, Larry Wellikson, Curt Bartsch, and Dave McFarland with a net score of 207
Third place: John Chis, Kent Wellbrock, Chris Dolkas, and Morry Dohner with a net score of 210
Closest to the pin on #3: Dick Grabham
Closest to the pin on #11: John Torok
On deck for September is Talega on September 5, Tijeras Creek on September 12, San Juan Hills on September 19, and back to Talega on September 26.

“Too foggy to see Two dim-witted golfers are teeing off on a foggy par-3. They can see the flag, but not the green. The first golfer hits his ball into the fog and the second golfer does the same. They proceed to the green to find their balls. One ball is about 6 feet from the cup while the other found its way into the cup for a hole-in-one. Both golfers were playing the same type of balls, TopFlite 2, and couldn’t determine which ball was which. They decided to ask the golf pro to decide their fate. After congratulating both golfers on their fine shots, the golf pro asks, “Which one of you used the orange one?”

—Bob Russell

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