Oreo Book Club: Sapiens-the History of Mankind, by Havari, Part II

Sapiens—the History of Mankind, by Havari, Part II, a thoughtful and thought-provoking segment of the book, was the subject of a discussion led by Priscilla Agnew at our August meeting, which was hosted by Mary Crowl.
There was some disagreement with the author’s concept of the thrust of history, but it was still a brilliant concept. The author’s notion on the role of socially accepted ideas of religion, money and other conventions and their role in the civilizations of the world was expanded in the discussion. Also
our concept of “happiness” as covered by the author was dissected and expanded to ourselves and other cultures.
Our next meeting will be at the home of Norton Schwartz where we will discuss Drawdown, edited by Paul Hawken, concerning the variety of approaches to reduce our carbon footprint and climate change. If you would like to attend our book review group, email Norton Schwartz at Nortlynne@Cox.net.
—Norton Schwartz

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