Oreo Book Club: The King and Queen of Malibu

Really Serious Oreo Book Club
John Hall hosted the June meeting of the Really Serious Oreo Book Club and led us in a discussion of his recommendation, The King and Queen of Malibu, the social and property history of early settlers in Los Angeles County, especially in the Malibu area. Those of us who lived in the western part of Los Angeles over the years had watched the development of many of these areas. Our discussion centered on property rights and zoning regulations and who has the right to decide what can be built and where. Where do individual rights stop and community rights begin? We discussed
moral and legal aspects of the issue, along with Dana Point contemporary examples that have been in contention.
If you would like to attend our book review group, email Norton Schwartz at Nortlynne@Cox.net.
—Norton Schwartz

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