Men’s Golf – July 2017 Update

Our monthly tournament was held at Tijeras Creek on May 31. The course was in great shape and the weather was perfect. The tournament format involved of teams of four players from which three scores were counted. For each team the two lowest scores and the highest scores were totaled. This format made each team very competitive, as the worst score had an impact on team’s final score.
First place: Dick Grabham, John Torok, Pat Zahner, and Morry Dohner with a score of 214
Second place: John Monson, Rock Valenti, Chris Dolkas, and Bob Russell with a score of 224
Third place: Kent Wellbrock, Pat O’Brien, Larry Jordan, and Curt Bartsch with a score of 228
In June we also played at Talega in San Clemente, Oak Creek in Irvine, and San Juan Hills. Coming up in July is Tijeras Creek on July 11, Talega July 18, and San Juan Hills on July 25.


New Golf Rules
The Veterans Golf Association has negotiated with The Royal and Ancient Golf Club based in St Andrews, Scotland to modify the Rules of Golf for Seniors:
Rule 1.a.5—A ball sliced or hooked into the rough shall be lifted and placed on the fairway at a point\ equal to the distance it carried or rolled into the rough with no penalty. The senior should not be penalized for tall grass which groundskeepers failed to mow.
Rule 2.d.6 (b)—A ball hitting a tree shall be deemed not to have hit the tree. This is simply bad luck and luck has no place in a scientific game. The senior player must estimate the distance the ball would have travelled if it had not hit the tree and play the ball from there.
Rule 3.b.3(g)—There shall be no such thing as a lost ball. The missing ball is on or near the course and will eventually be found and pocketed by someone else, making it a stolen ball. The player is not to compound the felony by charging himself or herself with a penalty.

—Bob Russell

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