Maintenance Committee: Recycling

Some maintenance activities result in the generation of recyclable material not needed by NSCA. For example, the renovation of the Mariner Gatehouse replaced a copper roof and copper rain gutters. Both are recyclable. As a second example, we are replacing the coach lights throughout NSCA, and the old fixtures are candidates for recycling.
Recently, the maintenance staff has begun taking these materials to a recycle center in Orange County which pays NSCA for the material. The first two visits resulted in $1,500 payment to NSCA. To realize the maximum benefit, maintenance staff must separate the various materials (copper, brass, steel, aluminum, etc.) so, in each case, an “is it worth the effort” judgement must be made to justify the associated staff labor.
Our recycling activity helps the environment, preserves natural resources and avoids filling up Orange County landfills while establishing a new revenue source.
We expect to continue this effort through the coming months in this doubly satisfactory activity.
—Bob Gregg

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