Landscape Committee – SCWD Watering Update

According to South Coast Water District (SCWD), watering days have increased. Our area of the District has listed Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday between 5 p.m. and 9 a.m. as the time for watering. For full regulations, visit
Harvest Landscaping is in the process of removing all plant material off the slope on Niguel Shores Drive from Ports-O-Call to Nauticus Isle, and installing new irrigation.
The next step, before installing new plants, will be to irrigate the existing soil for two weeks to bring up any weeds that might grow. This process is called “Grow and Kill.” By this method we hope to eliminate our weed problem before new planting. Upon completion, the same process will follow on the other side of Niguel Shores Drive from Ports-O-Call to Shackleton Isle.
—Bill Walkup