Garden Club: Bluff Party Update

Before I report on the Garden Club’s activity for June, I need to offer an apology to Barbara Berez and Robbie Wollin for my mistake in last month’s SSN where I listed the gardens of club members that were on the tour. In my haste to submit my article, I incorrectly reported that the garden of Al and Carolyn Brase was on the tour when it really was Barbara and Robbie’s home that we had the opportunity to tour. Very sorry for my mistake.
The Garden Club held its year end party on the Bluff, Monday, June 19. Members brought a variety of foods from salads to dessert. Let me tell you, all the food was delicious and plentiful.
The BBQ grill was again manned expertly by Bob Borland and Al Glatt and the beverages by Jack Sweeney. Thanks you guys. The members who set up the event and cleaned up afterwards also deserve thanks. Round of applause for all!!
The current board will continue for the coming year: Gunjan Anand, President; Nadine Allen, Vice President; Francine Stout, Secretary; Karl Kuhn, Treasurer and SSN reporter. Christine Daley is in charge of membership. This board will be planning the schedule for the coming chapter year, with the first club meeting set for September. As always, any and all suggestions are welcomed and can be sent to any of the officers. Enjoy your summer and your garden!
—Karl Kuhn

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