Maintenance Committee: Infrastructure Maintenance

Among the items of NSCA infrastructure that require maintenance attention are the HOA’s many fences. Our proximity to the ocean creates a challenging environment for upkeep on these. Projects are underway to repair/replace two relatively large fence segments because of rusting.
One project involves the fence along Ports O’ Call separating NSCA from PCH. This fence has sections of masonry wall along with sections of iron fence. There are twelve iron fencing sections in this wall. While the masonry portions are in reasonably good condition, about seven of the iron fencing sections are severely rusted and must be replaced.
The other portions need to be painted. The Maintenance Department has solicited proposals for this work from several vendors. A winning vendor will be soon selected, and the restoration will be completed this summer.
The second project is for the fence that separates the lower part of the bluff park from the beach. Here, there has been extensive rusting, and the fence must be replaced.
This involves about 140 feet of fence. The Maintenance Department solicited bids from several vendors and a decision was made to install a fence of a colored vinyl material.
This project will be finished in the next few months. These two projects are representative of the maintenance efforts required to maintain NSCA infrastructure.
—Bob Gregg