Emergency Preparedness Committee: Summer Safety

Holy Cow! Summer time and the livin’ is . . .Can you believe we are entering summer already? Kids out of school, weather and ocean temps going up, vacations planned, Da Beach calls us, and there’s time to enjoy it. BUT, don’t forget some basic summer safety tips:
For our children (and big kids, too), now’s the time to make sure everyone applies at least a 30 SPF sun block and reapplies every two hours. Throw on a hat—and how about the sunglasses, too!
Don’t wait for the kids to ask for a drink of water (not soft drinks) and make sure they’re hydrated before they hit the pool, beach, bike ride, or other activities.
AND, at the pool, beach, lake, NEVER let them out of your sight. At least do a buddy system if they’re old enough, but you need to be vigilant.
NEVER NEVER leave your children or pets in a car for even a few minutes, ANYWHERE, the garage, the mall, or the classic “I just have to run into the cleaners for a minute.” Take them with you, not only for heat issues, but to avoid the bad guys, too!!
Bicycles and helmets go together, ALWAYS, and so do skateboards and protective gear. And we won’t even mention golf cart safety.
With just a few weeks before we celebrate the Fourth of July, you know the drill on this great holiday. Have a BLAST watching the fireworks display, but not on the driveway or street. Let the old pros make everyone go Ohhh and Ahhh. Make sure all the fingers and eyes go back to school in the same number they started off with at beginning of summer. No ER visits, no roof fires.
OK, I’m done. Can’t blame me for wishing all of you a wonderful and SAFE summer. ENJOY!
—Kent Wellbrock

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