Traffic & Safety Committee: School Year-End

The school year is drawing to an end and summer is almost here. With the start of this warm weather season we will surely have a significant increase in the number of guests entering our community. To minimize conflicts and maximize the good times, we are asking for everyone’s help. First of all, please update your guest lists. In the event you host a party requiring more than ten guest passes, contact the office at least three business days before the event to discuss the issues and provide them with a party list. Most importantly, discuss key rules and restrictions with guests because you will be held responsible for their conduct.

Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (Golf Carts) The driver of the these vehicles must be at least 16 and have an operator’s license. Of course these devices must be driven in a safe fashion and not over 25 MPH. Note that driving with too many passengers or with unruly passengers would normally cause traveling at any speed to be considered unsafe.
Parking Dilemmas Almost every city and county has a rule that considers a vehicle parked on a street and not moved for 72 hours to be abandoned and subject to being cited and then towed away. That is clearly the case here in our community. However, we also have provisions that may offer temporary relief from such an existing rule. Should you have to leave your car parked on the street for a period longer than 72 hours, staff will be able to place you on a safe list that will ensure you are not cited or towed. At the same time staff will work with you to issue an overnight parking pass if you have a temporary need to park your personal car or a rental on the street overnight. The important thing is to talk to staff if you anticipate a parking issue. They are happy to work with you in any way possible.
Drones State law reflects that drones cannot be flown in someone else’s private property. This includes the airspace over same property. Our community’s rules reflect that drones may not be flown on or within our common areas (parks, bluff, streets). The FAA places further restrictions on drones weighing over .55 pounds. The operator has to be at least 13 and registered with the FAA. The drones may be flown only within the operator’s sight and during daylight hours. Further, they cannot be flown over people. Frankly, I cannot imagine a situation where flying a drone outside your immediate property line is appropriate if we want to be respectful of our neighbors.
—God bless . . . Tim Murphy

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