Garden Club: Plant Sale a Blooming Success

Thank you Niguel Shores for making the Garden Club’s Annual Plant Sale on Saturday, April 22 a blooming success. Of course our state was happy that you all used a lot of green energy (walking in and browsing) by your participation.The gardens that received your new plants as a result of the sale will have the editors of House and Garden magazine coming by to ask permission to photograph and publish your master gardens for their future issues.
Thanks are also in order to all Garden Club members who contributed plants and garden equipment for the sale. A very special thanks goes to Dana Point Nursery, The Plant Depot, and our community landscape contractor, Harvest Landscape Enterprises, for their donations of plants. Finally, for the contribution of gift cards, thanks to both Armstrong Gardens and Green Thumb Nursery. These gift cards were raffled off at the end of the plant sale. Need I say that patronizing these businesses will demonstrate how much we truly appreciate their continued participation in our annual plant sale.
As they have done with previous events, our hospitality team put out a colorful arrangement of delicious edibles of plant products, cakes (you know made from wheat flour), fruit, and nuts. The success of the sale would not have been achieved without the many members who worked Friday afternoon before the sale setting up and arranging the many plants for display. You all did a great job.
To summarize, the plant sale was a huge success with the money raised (of course minus the sales taxes we have to pay the state) going partially toward a scholarship for horticulture students.
The next Garden Club meeting is on Monday, May 15 where Garden Club members will be visiting three club member’s gardens. We will meet at the Niguel Shores Clubhouse at 11:30 a.m. for directions to the homes. Following the garden tours members can return to the clubhouse for refreshments and sign up for our annual Beach Bluff Barbeque scheduled for June. Members are asked to bring a check in order to pay your 2017-2018 club dues.
—Karl Kuhn

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