Men’s Club: Dana Point Development & OC Supervisor Speakers

Our Men’s Club has been privileged to have outstanding speakers. Many are community officials and leaders. Most are eager to speak to us because club members are informed, interested and some are community leaders themselves. I encourage men in the community to learn from and enjoy our speakers while enjoying a hot breakfast and socialization with our community neighbors.
On February 21, our speaker was Director of Community Development for Dana Point, Ms. Ursula Luna-Reynoso. City Planning Manager Matt Schneider joined her. Ms. Luna-Reynoso focused much of her presentation on the Doheny Village Plan, a 20-30 years vision that was developed in 2016 by Opticos Design, Inc. to produce a long-term zoning code. She said the City has influence on the development of an area mainly through zoning and land-use rules. Doheny Village zoning is intended to be a “form-based code” which will allow evolutionary changes to include a “Maker District” for making things such as crafts, a brewery, a bakery, making surf boards and such. This allows existing activities to continue as “legal, non-conforming” businesses under the new code. The next steps include an Environmental Impact Study and City Council Review projected for late 2017.
Ms. Luna-Reynoso also discussed the Zephyr South Cove development at the corner of PCH and Del Obispo, a half acre park, part of the “art-in-public-places” requirement for development. It will feature a historical monument, custom bike racks, sculptures of famous surfers and a focus on the History and Birth of the Surfing Industry in Dana Point. The Jack Sweeney team prepared a delicious hot breakfast of french toast with sausage.
March 7 featured Fifth District Orange County Supervisor Lisa Bartlett, who delivered a great amount of information. She went overtime to answer many probing questions. Highlights are that the existing harbor plan is about 50 years old and will be on a fast track for major renewal. A public-private partnership will do the rebuild with the private entity taking the risk. The footprint will be increased to encompass the entire Harbor, not only old
buildings, to make everything new to current standards. An improved harbor will also increase our property values. From May through December, teams and panels will establish a new plan to be presented to the County Board of Supervisors by the end of the year. Ms. Bartlett is hoping for a five year build-out beginning January 1, 2018.
Other items she discussed were expanded city shuttle service with shuttles going literally anywhere from our convenient Ritz Carlton shuttle stop. OTC will pay for 90% of the cost with the city paying 10%. Next, the flight pattern for jets leaving JWA is supposed to have them going over the ocean to gain altitude but the community is noticing airplanes overhead rattling windows and
annoying animals. Legal action is being taken and we are
advised to tell County what we are observing to make a
case for the FAA. Plans are in place for larger, new, quieter
jets that should be of some help. Additionally, there will be
more direct flights to American cities.
Another issue Ms. Bartlett addressed was the topic
of shelters. For people in Dana Point who are homeless or have mental health issues, there is a fast track to provide suitable shelters such as purchasing and converting old homes. Because of good weather, recreational pot and local tranquility, we are getting homeless people from other areas. This is being closely monitored. The sanctuary cities situation, such as Santa Ana, and even a remotely possible
sanctuary state of California are subjects being closely watched by County as well. If funding would be taken away from California because of providing sanctuary, 85% of that money would normally go to local funding. Supervisor Bartlett mentioned that every dollar Orange County sends to Sacramento, six cents is received back while other counties get an average of 17 cents. The club expressed appreciation for Ms. Bartlett’s excellent service, her presentation of comprehensive information, and her direct answering of our questions. The Jerry Koppang team led by Blair McDonald, Steve Morris and Rob Wollins served a hot breakfast of scrambled eggs with cheese and sausage.
—C. W. Gruenig, VP Programing

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