Traffic & Safety: Spring Safety

Surveillance Cameras:
Just about the time we read this, our new surveillance cameras should be installed allowing extra sharp and crisp pictures of select (public) spots within our community. Hopefully, these new cameras should deter those that may be tempted to steal, vandalize or trespass. I understand that these cameras are sophisticated enough to provide a clear picture of people in the dark. The end result is that these cameras should help resolve some civil issues, rule violations, as well as criminal matters.
For the past few years we have seen a steady decline in our personal guests tailgating and having their tires ruined, by spikes, while trying to enter our community at the Cabrillo and Selva gates. This has been accomplished, in all likelihood, by all of us telling most of our visitors to disregard their GPS directions, to these gates, and advising them to go to the Mariner Gate entrance.
Unfortunately, more and more folks are relying on their GPS type devices to get around town. This is especially true of workers and tradesmen summoned to our community for the first time. Sadly, the GPS may direct them to either Selva/Cabrillo gates. Anxious and in a hurry they don’t see or simply don’t read the signs properly directing them, but just become frustrated about losing work. Consequently, they tailgate the first resident’s car passing through and suffer at least one flattened (ruined) tire. Every month we have thousands of dollars worth of damages to tires on small trucks/vehicles driven by hardworking people trying to service our homes.
Staff has recently placed very conspicuous signs, in the most obvious place possible, at each of the two gates. This information by itself likely will help to a limited extent.
However, if we do our share of warning and supplying clear directions to the small businesses we summon to our homes, we can achieve a goal of eliminating unnecessary tire damage.
—God Bless……..Tim Murphy