Maintenance Committee: Phase II of Coach Light Project

Phase II of the Coach Light Project, a quantity of 100, eighteen-inch fixtures are all installed on the entrance pilasters. Installation began in January at Mercator and Nauticus entrances, followed by Salvador, Hobart, Perth, Brisbane, Montego, Sidney, Tampico, Verrazanno, Coral, Tasman, Bothnia, Amundsen, Marmara, Danzig, Taranto, Ionian, Kara, Timor, Bluehill, Colima Bay and Atlantic Avenue. These lights provide the significant advantage of longer bulb life (light-emitting- diode bulbs), much lower maintenance, and are constructed of materials that resist degradation in our seaside environment.
Phase III will include about 150 lights and will have a modified back-plate to fit the existing wall mount to reduce installation costs.
—Jerry Allen

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