Emergency Preparedness Committee: Earthquakes

The first order of business for this month is to make sure you are prepared for a very SPECIAL EVENT. You have until Saturday, February 14 to think about what you are going to do for Valentine’s Day. YES, that falls under Emergency Preparedness. Forget that date and you could be in trouble… Just sayin’….
In mid-January, the OC Register published an article updating some facts on Earthquake Insurance. The CEA (California Earthquake Authority) is outlining some new options for earthquake insurance coverage that are now available through it’s privately funded, publicly managed organization that sells California earthquake insurance policies through a variety of participating insurance companies. Allstate, Farmers, Mercury, Automobile Club of America, etc.
The CEA offers a cost calculator on the agency’s website that allows homeowners to input information on their homes and quickly determine what their monthly and annual premiums would be. The article indicates current rates have been lowered by about 50 percent in recent years. The calculator allows the user to set his deductible at anywhere from 5 % to 25 % along with personal property coverage. Assuming the home has a slab foundation and frame construction, the premium for a basic CEA coverage with a 15% deductible is $92 a month, or $1,104 a year.
Facts to consider regardless of whether or not you choose coverage:
■ There is a 93% chance that Southern California will experience an earthquake of a 6.7 magnitude or greater during the next 30 years.
■ Worse, there’s a 74% chance the region will experience a quake of 7.0 magnitude or greater during that period.
■ Only 10% of California residents carry earth quake insurance, many assuming it’s too expensive.
BUT, consider this: people who don’t have coverage have to determine if they are willing to walk away from their homes and declare bankruptcy if unable to afford repairs.
Although these are facts to ponder, one thing is a fact: if and when the BIG ONE occurs, are you PREPARED with EMERGENCY supplies? PLEASE make that new years resolution to stock your home with all the things you’ll need to take care of your family. This should be a priority.
—Kent Wellbrock