Men’s Club: January 2017 Update

On December 6, our program was part of a twentyyear tradition in which the Blue Lantern Vocal Group from Dana Hills High School, led by Ray Woods, thrilled us with songs of the season.
Our speakers on December 20 provided a very informative synopsis of the many issues associated with elder care. Mary Ellen Quinn, the owner of Eldercare Laguna Niguel, which provides home and elderly placement services, emphasized the importance of matching the care facility and the needs of the elderly person. In addition, Mary Ellen stressed using veteran’s services where appropriate (Dana Point Community Center is an excellent resource to learn about these benefits).
Nancy Lacey and Bill Green accompanied Mary Ellen and shared their experiences of placing a parent in elder care. Both praised the benefits of having a professional help to be sure that the needs of the entire family are met during the placement process. Chris Gregory shared his personal experiences of being in 6 nursing homes (some were excellent and some were hell). Chris’s key message was to be prepared. He urged all of us to write down what you want done for the future. This writing should include your wishes concerning do-notresuscitate instructions. Chris also highly recommended the O.C. Ombudsman services because they can be an advocate when the elderly are treated improperly, and when they have financial issues.
—Jerry Allen

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