Traffic & Safety Committee: Holiday Visitors

Treacherous Gates
Sometimes daily, and certainly weekly, a visitor attempts to enter our community via the controlled Cabrillo or Selva gates and has their tires flattened by the spikes restricting entry. As often as not, these subjects are first time service people whom we have summoned. Not familiar with the area, they follow their GPS that directs them to these gates.
They don’t read the signs and become frustrated when the gate doesn’t open for them. Again, without reading the warning signs, these anxious folks see residents enter without difficulty, and try to tailgate through. The result is one or more flattened and ruined tire(s).
We have tried getting the GPS and like systems to modify their programs, but have had no success. We have modified our signs again and again, but have only experienced a slight drop in incidents. The one thing that is effective is a clear set of driving instruction to first time visitors and service people. I have found that they do appreciate your concern for their well-being.
Holiday Visitors (Guest Lists)
Thanksgiving and the month following it, is the time of year that we collectively celebrate more festive days than any other time. It only ends January 6th when the Three Kings return home or La Befana flies off. During this period there will be a significant number of folks entering our community to visit or to be entertained. Every year, security personnel experience frustrated people at the gate who have to be delayed or denied entrance because they are not on a guest list.
To best accommodate invited visitors all residents are asked to review and update their permanent Guest Lists. Should you anticipate hosting a gathering of more than ten outside visitors the host of the party should submit a Party List to the Office at least three business days prior to the event. This ensures for the control we all appreciate, and minimize frustrations and delays.
Seasonal Thefts from vehicles typically skyrocket during December. To best avoid being a victim do not leave valuables inside your car or truck. More importantly, lock it! As some old timers used to say this time of year,

Nollaig Shona Duit!
—God Bless……….Tim Murphy

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