Oreo Book Club: Re-Writing the Rules of the American Economy by Joseph Stieglitz

We met at the home of Norton Schwartz on September 15 to review his recommendation Why liberals Win the Culture Wars by Stephan Prothero. The thesis of the book was that the arc of American history goes from conservatism to liberal in cultural issues such as women’s rights, gay rights, black rights, civil liberties, etc. Historical examples were Jefferson (rights of man) verses Adams (elitism) Catholic rights, Mormon rights, Asian and Mexican rights. Some of the group believed it was simply an issue of the status quo verses change, rather than liberal verses conservative. The next meeting will be on October 19 at the home of Norton Schwartz and will discuss the book Re-Writing the Rules of the American Economy by Joseph Stieglitz. If you would like to try out the group, e-mail Norton Schwartz at Nortlynn@Cox.net.
—Norton Schwartz

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