Garden Club: October 2016 Update

The Garden Club held its first meeting of the new calendar year on September 19. Our new President, Gunjan Anand, greeted returning members and recognized the 5 new members that have joined us. She informed the members that the project approved by members at the BBQ gathering last June, namely the purchase and installation of a bench in honor of our departed and dearly beloved past president, Jerry Koppang, has been completed and can be seen near the rose beds on the north side of Niguel Shores Drive opposite the Halyard Drive entrance. See the accompanying photo. Following a report on the status of our club finances our invited speaker was announced.
The speaker, Diane Sukut is a Master Gardener and, as a volunteer with South Coast Research and Extension Center, has studied and learned how to be successful in gardening in Southern California. Her talk, entitled the Busy Gardener —a month by month guide, began by listing 3 keys to success in gardening: right plant, right place, right time. As our speaker expressed how lucky we in Niguel Shores are because we had ideal climate with the Marine environment of moderate day temperatures and cool nights. However, all is not perfect for gardens because we have alkaline soil, poor drainage and low rainfall. (You remember what rain is, right?)
Here is a short summary of the recommended monthly garden chores:
January: Roses, plant new bare root varieties, prune existing plants
February: Start seeds either indoors or protected outdoors for summer color
March: Plant fruit trees or prune existing for increased crop
April: Start watching for pest as they are starting to arrive.
May: Fertilize and mulch
June: Feed Turf. Water deep.
July: same as June.
August: Enjoy your garden take vacation.
September: Evaluate garden, remove dead, sick, plan but don’t plant.
October: Best time to plant, perennials, bulbs, etc.
November: Go Native, water less, no fertilizer.
December: Enjoy the holidays telling friends what a great gardener you are.
—Karl Kuhn

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