Emergency Preparedness Committee: October 2016


We are also happy to announce that we now have a second AED that resides in the gatehouse. If you experience a medical emergency the first action step is to ALWAYS call 911. However, if you happen to be, for example, enjoying an activity at the bluff and someone experiences a cardiac episode: FIRST call 911, begin CPR, and then have someone call the gatehouse (487-4185) for transport of the AED to assist before medical assistance arrives. Our other AED is located just inside the door to the Clubhouse.
Have you registered your phone numbers and e-Mail with AlertOC to receive notifications in the event of severe emergencies, such as a community wide evacuation? Go to AlertOC.com to activate today.
In our August & September issues we provided key information on how to BE PREPARED for a major earthquake.
The following are continuing steps to ensure you are prepared for that event.
Important papers and cash: Be sure to have a supply of cash for use if ATMs, banks, and credit card systems are not operating. Also, keep copies of credit and identification cards and important documents, such as insurance policies and financial records.
Tools: In addition to a pipe wrench and crescent/adjustable wrench (for turning off gas and water valves), you should have a lighter, a supply of matches in a waterproof container, and a whistle for signaling rescue workers.
Pet needs: Identify a shelter area for your pet, gather the necessary supplies, ensure that your pet has proper ID and up-to-date veterinarian records, and make sure you have a pet carrier and a leash.
Home preparedness: In the event of an earthquake, you may be instructed to shut off the utility services at your home. Teach responsible members of your family how to turn off the gas, electricity, and water at valves and main switches. Consult our local utilities if you need more information.
You can shut off all water to your property by finding the water meter box (usually at the street or sidewalk).
Inside the water meter box, you will see a valve that is similar to the valve on your gas meter. Turn it the same direction as you would your gas valve. You may also have a whole house shut-off valve installed inside your home. Make sure you know its location.
CAUTION: DO NOT shut off gas unless an emergency exists. If gas is ever turned off, a professional must restore service.
BE SAFE & PREPARED, more next month,

—Kent Wellbrock

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