Traffic & Safety Committee: Guest Passes

I would like to briefly discuss Guest Passes. Of course the importance of updating our guest lists in a timely manner cannot be over emphasized. However, we all get those last minute notifications that someone is dropping by to visit. The best method of updating our list is to do it electronically via our computers. This however, isn’t instantaneous as it may take up to half hour for the message to reach the gatehouse computer. Seemingly, the easiest way is to phone the gate and verbally update our list. Unfortunately, this approach has flaws. Securitas personnel at the gate, as often as not, are too busy during peak times to answer the phone. Should this be the case, unlisted guests will be turned away to call their host and or wait until the system can be updated.
As hosts, please be sure to remind our guests to place their guest passes, right side up, on the dash in a fashion that it can be read by someone verifying that it is valid. Violators are subject to being cited, and on a second offense, to be towed away.
Stop Signs
Failing to stop at a stop sign is clearly an indication that we are becoming a bit lax in our driving habits. This bit of carelessness could also result in a traffic collision. Depending upon whom you speak with in our community, the intersection with the highest frequency of stop sign violations is on Periwinkle at Niguel Shores Dr. Others, contend that the stop signs on Atlantic at Niguel Shores Dr. has most close calls as the result of violations.
I personally feel that it is the two on Niguel Shores Rd. at Mariner that causes more violations, as they have too many near misses. In addition to failing to stop, drivers on Niguel Shores Rd. often forget that incoming cars and trucks have the right of way.
Hopefully, we all drive defensively and are just a bit more alert. By the way the last time I looked, the cost, in our courts, for a stop sign violation was well over $400.
God Bless………
—Tim Murphy