Men’s Club: August 2016 Update

Our traditional Men’s Club July 4 Breakfast was a great success serving a delightful breakfast to more than 500 Niguel Shores residents and guests. Roy Dohner (the breakfast mastermind) praised the more than 50 volunteers who made the entire event a joy for the community.
Roy gave special thanks to Bob Borland who ordered all of the supplies, and provided help to keep several of the committees working at high efficiency. Our treasurer, Al Glatt, reported that while we were having a great time and working hard, we earned enough funds for more than two scholarships. Thanks to all who came to the breakfast and to every volunteer who continues to make our Niguel Shores community so wonderful.
On July19 our guest speaker, Lee Pound, The Write Coach, gave a touching and inspiring account of how he has become dedicated to coaching others in writing their experiences. Mr. Pound started as a newspaper writer, and then worked as a chief financial officer for 25 years, before trying his first novel which he said was a disappointing failure but the start of his passion to write. After studying for four years under Sol Stein, a noted author, editor, and publisher, Lee completed his first successful book and decided that his calling was to teach others to write.
Meanwhile, his wife had become a successful business consultant focusing on teaching communications techniques for companies with English speaking management who hire employees who speak only Spanish.
To further her career, his wife became one of his first students and completed an initial book on how to manage a Spanish speaking workforce.
His story of harmony and success was shattered when his wife was taken ill with pancreatic cancer and he found himself in the role of caregiver for the last months of her life. As a therapeutic coping mechanism he turned to writing “The Care Giver’s Dilemma”, a book to help others who face this kind of life-changing problem.
Lee continues to coach others to share their life experiences, and is writing his next book that reveals his
spiritual experience during his wife’s last nine days. He says this book details lessons that they learned about forgiveness, putting problems in the past, and just living.
Our August 2, speaker will be our Club VP, Dick Sargent, telling about his experiences arranging for the 1984 LA Olympics.
—Jerry Allen

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