Maintenance Committee: Paving

So, are they going to pave the streets again this year? (Some simple questions require more than yes or no.) Niguel Shores Homeowners own about 1.6 million square feet of streets and parking areas. (That is about 37 acres for those of us that think of land area in terms of acres). It is a significant investment that has to be protected and maintained so our community continues to be the place we want to live.
Fortunately, volunteers on the Maintenance Committee keep track of this asset and have planned its protection much better than most of us look after our other assets. According to detailed plan, streets need an overlay of asphalt every 30 years and more frequent covering with a thin seal coat. The overlay process involves grinding away about 2 inches of the old asphalt and putting down 2 inches of new asphalt. This is an expensive undertaking; thus the reason for more frequent sealing coats. The seal coat protects the expensive overlay from water and oxidation damage.
Our next overlay cycle is planned to start in 2027; so, NSHA will not pave the streets this year but we will put a sealer coat on those streets that were not sealed in 2015.
The Maintenance Committee has planned this sealing effort for the warm days shortly after Labor Day. (We need the warm weather to help the sealer cure quickly). Seal coating is planned the first year after an overlay and every four years after that. During sealing years, we inspect and repair damaged areas, and of course, after sealing the streets markers and crosswalks are repainted. During your next school reunion when the I did better than you person comes by to brag, you can say I am part owner of 50 acres on the California coast (add a few extra acres for the grassy areas).
—Jerry Allen

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