Garden Club: July Update

The Garden club had its yearend party on the Bluff, on Monday, June 20. Members brought a variety of foods from salads to dessert. Thanks to Bob Borland, Al Glatt and Jack Sweeney, for the cheeseburgers and the beverages. Thanks to Carmen and Suzanne for setting up the food and the decorations at the tables.
The new board was elected for the coming year. Gunjan Anand, is our new President, Nadine Allen our Vice President, Francine Stout our secretary and Karl Kuhn our treasurer. Christine Daley is in charge of membership. By default, I will continue to report on the great work the board will be doing in the coming year.

Finally, on behalf of the Garden Club members, I would like convey our sincerest condolences to Linda Koppang. Jerry passed away suddenly after a brief illness. Jerry was the consummate volunteer, holding many positions in our community, in addition to being president of the Garden Club. Both Linda and Jerry were tireless in their efforts to give to the community. We, in the Garden Club have been beneficiaries of their largess. Our thoughts and prayers are with Linda and her family.
—Lakshman Sehgal

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