Website – Summer Update

Well I’m not sure if you are noticing the same thing I am, but it sure seems like our community is shifting into its summer mode. All of a sudden we are seeing lots more surf and paddleboards on tops of residents cars, lots more bikes and skateboards, and of course many more golf carts cruising the neighborhood or looking for parking spots at the bluff on a busy Friday or Saturday evening. So get ready, because like it or not (and who doesn’t really like it?) it is summertime here in the Shores.
What does that mean for our community residents? It means lots more guests and parties, lots more cars and kids out and about and lots more reasons to keep up to date of community happenings. One quick and easy way to stay informed is to check out our website. By logging on to you will find out about all the social activities happening for both adults and children. You can dust off that tennis racquet and make a reservation on line, you can host a summer party at the bluff or at the clubhouse or get the details on one of our community sponsored summer events.
So as you make your summer plans, please check out our website ( so that you can fully enjoy the sounds and sights of summertime here in the Shores.
—Patti Staudenbaur

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