Oreo Book Club: One Nation Under God by Kruse

We met at the home of Mike Harrod to review One Nation Under God by Kruse. David Goldberg led the discussion of how our country, founded on the principle of separation of Church and State, evolved into a government with God on its currency, prayers before every opening of Congress, White House prayer sessions and preachers of every category and religion injecting themselves into our politics. One theory in the book was that injecting God into government started as a conservative movement ploy to enhance their voter appeal.
Reverend Fifield in Los Angeles was an early exponent and Billy Graham with Nixon extended the reach of the God in government movement. Since Christians compose 76% of our population, the Christian creep in our government did not arouse much notice. Except, of course, in the other 24% of Atheists (7%), Jews (1.3%), and other (15.7%).
—Norton Schwartz