NSCA Board of Directors 2016-2017

ELECTION RESULTS – May 17, 2016 Annual Meeting

There were 3 candidates for 3 open seats.

Number of units: 960
Not eligible to vote: 1
Quorum needed: 480
Ballots cast: 503
Abstentions: 15
Quorum Only: 5

1. Al Glatt 435
2. Bob Russell 429
3. Jeannie Sticher 436


The NSCA Annual Meeting was held May 17, 2016 and the following is the result of the Organizational meeting held shortly after. Al Glatt, Bob Russell, and Jeannie Sticher were elected for a (2) year term. Thank you to all who returned ballots.


Art Staudenbaur, President

Bob Russell, 1st VP

Suzanne Enis, 2nd VP

Jeannie Sticher, CFO

Al Glatt, Secretary

Board Liaison Committee Assignments are as follows:


Architecture –  Bob Russell

Communication – Al Glatt

Finance – Jeannie Sticher

HR – Art Staudenbaur

Investment – Jeannie Sticher

Landscape – Al Glatt

Maintenance – Suzanne Enis

Recreation – Suzanne Enis

Rules – Bob Russell

Traffic & Safety – Suzanne Enis

View Preservation – Bob Russell

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