Maintenance Committee: Committee Assignments

Maintenance Committee Assignments
One of the blessings that Niguel Shores enjoys is the many volunteers who work to keep our community beautiful and well maintained. As a relatively new resident, I have been deeply impressed that this community seems to be sipping from a fountain of youth because the infrastructure is repaired and updated before the effects of use, weather, and time impact the community’s beauty. After expressing this amazement to many long–time residents, I discovered the secret is not magic; it is simply the hard work and good organization of our volunteers and our maintenance staff.
Much of this work is planning and prioritization of the upkeep tasks, and brainstorming about ways to efficiently get the most done within the budget; however, one unique aspect of this committee is they get out of the meeting room, walk the area, and look for deterioration and repairs that can be bundled into one job. There is a maintenance committee member assigned to each area of the community who looks for light problems, utility box problems, sidewalk and street issues, water problems, drainage issues, and painting or rust problems. So if you notice one of your friends walking the neighborhood, taking selfies of potholes and clogged street drains, he or she is probably on the maintenance committee (or they just have weird photographic interests).
—Jerry Allen

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