Traffic & Safety Committee: Close Calls

Close Calls
How long can it last? I don’t remember a serious injury traffic collision occurring within our community in the last thirteen years. In most jurisdictions injury accidents normally involve one car colliding with another. However, based strictly on subjective informal complaints if we ever suffer a serious injury accident, more than likely, it will involve a vehicle striking a pedestrian.
Seemingly there have been a lot of close calls involving inattentive drivers and pedestrians near Mariner Dr. and Niguel Shores Rd. However, in speaking with a variety of people there are several other locations of concern. Traveling more than 25 MPH, which is our posted limit, is normally not the issue. It is inattentiveness by drivers, or pedestrians unexpectedly entering the roadway without exercising due caution. Be aware!
Hopefully, by being a bit more cautious we can keep our safe street record intact. God Bless…
—Tim Murphy

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