Men’s Club: February 2016 Meeting Recap

In February, the Men’s Club’s speakers touched on two fascinating examples of leadership, and the wisdom that we saw was priceless.
On February 2, Lisa Bartlett, Chairwoman of the Orange County Board of Supervisors, spoke to us. From the moment she arrived, she was at home and among friends.
Though she is the leader of the sixth largest county in the U.S. (which is larger than 22 of our states) she welcomed being just Lisa to so many of our club members who have known and trusted her judgment for years.
She gave us an update on the Dana Point Harbor Revitalization Project, a $150–$200 million project that will be a public/private partnership. She stressed the importance of the County choosing the correct private partner that will be managed through an RFP/RFQ (request for proposal/quote) process that will take about a year. When asked about when we could see some initial movement, she predicted that in 3-6 months the infrastructure improvements will start that will focus on parking, roads, and recycled water to the harbor area. In her well known and fiscally prudent way, she pointed out that value engineering would be key in assuring that we can have the improved facilities, screened boat storage, and a sustainable asset without the county going into debt. In that light, she pointed out that the OC Sailing & Events Center is currently running a $330K yearly deficit and she believes that the Center can be made more sustainable by changing to a business model that strives to break even while providing the community services that are currently available. Normally, our members would have declared that view a “have your cake and eat it too” approach, but they know this public servant as a person who can make these kinds of things happen. (Baby Beach users were happy to hear that it will not be affected by these plans).
As time ran short, she quickly addressed some background and rationale of an issue that many are concerned about—parking and building height issues in the Lantern District. She pointed out that parking impacts so many other decisions and, in the long run, quality of life in the surrounding neighborhoods. She reiterated the importance of parking, suggesting that other concerns are subordinate to it. Lisa recommended that each of us study both sides, ask questions and vote our conscience.
On Feb.16 our guest speaker was Coach Michael Davis, who coaches the Western High School Pioneers Girls Softball Team in Anaheim. Coach Davis has an uplifting philosophy that strives to use athletic coaching to teach lessons for living a happy and useful life. How refreshing!! In a world where my favorite college basketball coach was ejected from a game last week for unsportsmanlike conduct, perhaps he could benefit Coach Davis’ principles.
First, among these jewels is Teach First—Win Later. Then he shared stories about the necessity for a coach to be humble or he will be humbled, which is particularly useful when dealing with parents. In this example, he shared his ideas that a coach must find a subtle way to steer parents into letting their children learn to handle their own lives. A list of his philosophical guidelines can be found on his web site The one that truly sums up the value that good coaches bring to our world may be: To the world you are just one person. But to one person you might be the world. In recalling related experiences, Coach Davis shared that in our fast-moving society a coach or a teacher may be the only positive influence in some of our children’s lives. We are truly indebted to those who devote their lives to making that positive influence for our coming generations. Our next speaker, Carl Kukkonen, is scheduled to join us on March 1 to discuss Granada and Nicaragua.
—Jerry Allen
For the Seashore News
It is with pleasure that I announce the growth of our Niguel Shores Men’s Club gaining five new members at the last two meetings.
My goals, as the new president of our community club for men, are to maintain it as one of the most beneficial organizations anywhere.
We will continue with the excellent hot breakfasts, prepared from scratch, by head cooks Jack Sweeney, Jerry Koppang, Charlie Clark, Mike Roberts and Bob Enger. Each has a team to serve and clean up. The price will remain only $3. A full year’s membership is $15. That is truly contributing socially to our community.
Speakers will continue to be outstanding to entertain and inform about what is really happening in our beautiful city and county. Some are professional and are normally paid. For the Shores, they do it at no charge.
We want to maintain our open, supportive community friendliness that is becoming more evident with each meeting. We will continue our respected events such as our famous July 4th Independence Day breakfast where last year we served 500 residents and friends. There will be other activities, as well, such as the day at the Del Mar races and activities where we can invite our ladies. Last year we had the successful Men’s Club October Fest and the plan is to have something like it or better this year if we get the participation and I personally think that we will.
On behalf of the Executive Team of Dick Sargent, Jerry Allen, Al Glatt, and myself, it will be my pleasure to welcome you to breakfasts at your Niguel Shores club for men.
—C. Warren (CW) Gruenig President

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