Garden Club: February 2016 Information

The garden Club met on Monday, January 18, the first meeting of the New Year. Members were treated to a wonderful lunch thanks to Carmen Murphy, JoAnn Webb, Grace Glatt, Gunjan Anand and Chris Daley.
Our esteemed President, Jerry Koppang opened the meeting with the treasurer’s report, submitted by Karl Kuhn, who protects every dollar the Club gets and makes sure he pays the taxes; yes, we have to pay taxes!
Jerry informed us of the Orange District Garden Club meeting that would educate us on the private gardens along the coast. The meeting is to be held on February 8, 9:00 AM at the St Gregory Episcopal Church in Long Beach.
Interested members can car pool.
Francine Stout and Jerry Koppang (below) conducted a creative workshop using air plants.
Air plants belong to the species Tillandsia for those who have forgotten their botany! These plants live mostly symbiotically but can also be grown in shells, inside the cork you can get from your wine bottle and if you glue a magnet to the cork you have the plant on your refrigerator door. The plants grow well indoors and outdoors, require indirect sun outdoors, need to be soaked in water two to three times a week depending on the weather and humidity. Our thanks to Priscilla Agnew for providing the Tillandsia for the workshop.
To see for yourself how beautiful they can look check out the following website: The air plant man happens to be a good friend of our son and is located in Santa Monica. Check it out and ask for Josh Rosen. And finally, with El Nino upon us, it is good to remember that God made rainy days, so gardeners can get some much needed housework done!
Our next meeting is Monday, February 15, where we will hear Monique Rea’s talk entitled Jewels of Nature, Hummingbirds in your garden.
—Laks Sehgal

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