Really Serious Oreo Book Club: January 2016 Update

We met at the home of Ginny Nevitt to review her recommendation, Turn Right at Manchu Picchu. The author, with guides and porters, trekked the Inca trail covered by the discoverer of Manchu Picchu for the European and Western world of Bingham. Some members of the group had been to Manchu Picchu and connected their experiences with those in the book. The issue of what cultural artifacts should stay in the country of origin and which could legitimately be housed in museums of other countries was argued. The inability of economically poor countries to prevent looting, stealing and black market selling of artifacts, as well as inadequate museum facilities, was discussed. We did forgo a meeting in December, but will convene again in January of 2016, on the third Wednesday of the month, to review Superpower by Ian Bremer. Francis Ozimec and Lakshman Sehgal will lead the discussion.
—Norton Schwartz

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