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  1. Todd Wallin says:

    Questions for community

    1. Why did the association change CPA firms this year?

    2. In Note 14 of this audit report, it is mentioned that the Association’s previous insurance carrier eventually withdrew coverage regarding the Breakers Isle matter – is this the first time this has come out in written notice to homeowners? If not, when and what document?

    3. In Note 14 of this audit report, it is mentioned that “It is possible that the Association may still have some liability for related legal costs pertaining to this matter – is there an estimate from legal counsel and is this reserved in any fashion?

    4. Lastly, speaking of legal counsel, which law firm/attorney has been egregiously ineptly “advising” the Association on this matter, and what have been the actual legal dollars SPENT (meaning paid to ALL attorneys irrespective whether or not reimbursable by any insurance carrier) since inception on this matter?

  2. Angie Narel says:

    Todd – Good questions and I recently submitted similar questions to Marla for a response from the Association. Would like to see the Association/Marla respond to your comments here as well for all to better understand.

  3. Nancy Lynn says:

    I agree with Mike and Mark in regards to the weed problem. I previously sent in a maintenance request in regards to the weeds growing in Crossjack/Moonsail area. I was advised that it was taken care of and Harvest would stay on top of it. Last week I noticed more weeds in the same area. I lost count of how many times I have pulled weeds in the common areas closest to my house. This is ridiculous!! Harvest needs to get it together and start doing their job. If not the HOA should get another landscaping company.

  4. Mike Link says:

    Nancy and Mark – the problem with Harvest is no one wants to bend over and actually pull out a weed. They want to spray it with Roundup and then leave a brown “husk” on the ground for months. I guess it is no longer politically correct to actually pull a weed out of the ground.

  5. Mark McGrath says:

    Unfortunately I have found that even after my second request the weeds were not necessarily pulled. This weekend I proceeded to pull a large amount of weeds directly in front my house myself. While walking my dog this last week I have also observed a large number of weeds on the paths and undertook to pull some of them and have found that other residents have been doing the same. It defies logic why we as residents have to do so. I was also told that Harvest would be handling the situation but quite frankly that does not appear to be the case.

    With respect to the use of Roundup I cannot understand the process of killing the weeds but not picking them up after the fact. I believe it would best to have other residents voice their opinions and observations about the landscaping problems and if need be secure bids from other landscaping companies..

  6. Diane Petersen says:

    My husband and I are also upset about the weed problem, and the lack of the landscape company in dealing with it. We have also pulled out some of the weeds as they are abundant and tall, and also flowering and going to seed, resulting in many more weeds. Is this how the gardeners keep job security, by not dealing with the weeds until they multiply? Our community landscape sure isn’t as nice as it used to be. Some areas are just embarrassing.

  7. Mark McGrath says:

    Emergency Vehicles: The recent newsletter states that the OCFA mandates that parking restrictions be imposed on streets that are less than 28″ in width. This is not correct. The OCFA language pertaining to streets of this size are “guidelines” for new construction only. I personally confirmed this with the OCFA. Otherwise I am unaware of any Dana Point municipal code section that imposes such parking restrictions. For over 40 years I can personally attest that emergency vehicles have been able to gain access to the Garden homes. The Board has instructed the security patrol to issue citations, which now can result in a $100 fine, to any vehicle found to be parking curb side. If it is a guest the homeowner will be fined. The Board has undertaken to define what an obstruction is however the CC&Rs make no reference to the same. It is unclear how the Board can choose to impose a “rule” that does not exist or for that matter provide the residents an opportunity to challenge the same. If the Board wishes to have such a rule, they should permit the residents to make that decision themselves.

  8. We – and our pool guys tell us – many other pools in the community are experiencing Mallard ducks landing/staying in their pools day after day. This has been going on a few months though last year the ducks made their pass through in the spring, then left.

    Our pool guy told us today that one of his other pool clients in NS told him that his neighbor is “encouraging the ducks to be on their property” i.e., by feeding them, etc.

    This causes a big problem for those of us with pools because even though we take extraordinary measures to keep the ducks away from our pool, they nevertheless land in the pool – often in the very early AM hours when we are not there to see them.

    As soon as they land in the pool they defecate.

    Out of consideration for those of us with pools, please do not to feed or encourage the ducks to stay.

    We have had to increase our pool cleanings to 2-3 times per week to deal with this duck problem so it is costing us a lot of money as it is other home owners in NS.

    Our pool guy says that some people in NS they service have bought several “ducks off” devices etc trying to control the problem but to no avail.

    Thank you.

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