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  1. Mark McGrath says:

    I believe whether or not I rent my home should not be preclude me or my family from being able to use the amenities. I pay dues which entitles me to use all amenities. I have a condominium that I rent and there is no such restriction. For all practical purposes I would surmise that the majority of owners who rent their homes rarely if at all use the amenities. If anything it is the guests who use them with far more frequency than owners who rent. Having lived here for almost 40 years there has never been a problem with the exception of beach parking in the summer which has been handled.

  2. Thomas B. OKeefe says:

    I would hope for a kinder attitude. Why can;t the owner be a guest of his tenant? I really don’t think the facilities are over-used. If so then maybe a restriction. We have ‘outsiders’ with no affliation to NS using our facilities with the various clubs. Why should they be accepted and not an owner? Makes no sense.

  3. Robert Raffel MD says:

    Was this a change a committee autonomously decided? I would think that since it something that potentially affects all homeowners that it should be something that the entire community should vote on. Just how are owners able to attend meetings if they are deprived of community access?

  4. Mike Link says:

    I realize that we had abundant rain and now lots of sun. But…as I walk around the community there are weeds everywhere! I also realize that it takes time to begin the process. The problem from my standpoint is I see no progress. Some of the weeds are now taller than the landscaping.

  5. Barbara Thomas says:

    A friend in a neighboring HOA has made me aware of a modification in flight patterns for the planes at John Wayne airport. If anyone has concerns regarding an increase of noise from the planes, please be aware there is a grass roots organization trying to deal with this issue. You can contact them at

  6. Mark McGrath says:

    I would concur with Mike Link. We have had an over abundance of weeds for at least 45 days. One month ago I undertook to weed part of our street (Amundsen Bay) rather than wait for the gardeners to do it. One week later I put in a written request to have the weeds removed. Another week went by and then the gardeners, rather than weeding the street, merely used a week wackier to lower the height of the some of the weeds yet a large majority still remain. PersonallyI would much rather forego one week of the lawn being mowed and instead have the weeds dealt with. I would also point out that some of the weeds were sprayed with a substance that caused them to die yet the remanants remain. I fail to understand why this situation continues to exist.

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