Emergency Preparedness: OMG, The Sky is Falling

OMG, The Sky is Falling
In a Folktale published 100 years ago, Chicken Little warns that the sky would fall. Where there is a “happy ending”, the moral is not to be a “chicken”, but to have courage.
If you believe El Nino is coming (trust the experts, IT IS) a little courage is suggested but also some planning. Predictions are for this event, to be a 95% “sure thing” So what should you do to prepare?
1. Have roof, window, & dry rot repairs made and all leaks
fixed before the rain comes.
2. Gutters checked and cleaned.
3. Trim trees and bushes. Some will surely break and blow around in the rain & winds.
4. Check all you exterior drains to insure they are not clogged with debris and roots.
5. If you want to insure water doesn’t flow into suspect areas, shore them up with sand bags. Free sandbags are available at our local #30 fire station at the end of Stonehill or you can get at Home Depot.
6. Secure outdoor furniture and place patio umbrellas out of open areas.
7. Take pictures of your exterior areas and consider checking with your home owners insurance agent for appropriate coverage.
1. Sign up for emergency alerts and pay attention to weather reports
2. Prepare for power outages. Have flashlights and extra
batteries and battery and/or crank powered radio in
your disaster kit. Buy portable cell phone chargers and/or use your car
3. Have extra water, food supplies
4. Know how to turn off utilities, if that becomes necessary
5. Have a list of important telephone numbers and check on your neighbors to see that all is well. How about your car?
1. Make sure you always have more than a half tank of gas
2. Inflate your tires to the proper pressure. Streets can be treacherous. NO worn tires
3. Check to see if your brakes are in good shape
4. Replace broken lights
5. Replace old wiper blades and fill washer fluid
6. Check for weak batteries
Don’t be a chicken, BUT BE PREPARED. And while you’re at it, REPLACE YOUR SMOKE ALARM batteries.
—Kent Wellbrock & Jerry Allen

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