Women’s Golf: October 2015 Update

After days of record heat and humidity, the day dawned a little cooler, though it was 72 degrees at 7:00 a.m. Big white fluffy clouds were interspersed with patches of blue sky. It promised a lovely golf day.
The game of the day was chosen by Captains Mary Lou Shumsky and Judy Jones. It was two best balls of each group of threesome or foursome. There were thirteen players, including one guest, Patti Shaw.
Third place with a score of 96 – Marlene Lynch, Julie Patton and India Rouse
Second place with a score of 92 – Judy Boitano, Val Mitchell and Brenda Tuckley
First place with a score of 81 – Irene McDonald, Judy Jones and Mary Lou Shumsky
Closest to the pin on #6 – Patti Shaw
Closest to the pin on #8 – Val Mitchell
Birdies with two – Patti Shaw
Next FunDay is Monday Oct. 12, Columbus Day—no holiday rates.
Golf Captains are Barbara Brabeck (493-9399) and Liz Kelsch (661-5802). Please call one of them to play or to cancel.

Joke of the day:
A golfer’s tee shot landed right behind a tree. She thought she would hook the ball around the tree. Alas, it hit the tree and shot back and killed her. At the pearly gates St. Peter asked her if she was a good golfer. She answered, “Hey, I got here in two, didn’t I?”

—Liz Kelsch, 661-5802

Editors Note: To all you golfing ladies you have another
winner amongest you. She always shoots a hole-in-one for
me. Thank you, Liz Kelsch