Traffic and Safety: Wrong Side of the Street

Simply put, the California Vehicle Code addresses the problems associated with parallel curb parking on the wrong side of the roadway by mandating that both right side wheels on a parked vehicle are within 18 inches of the curb.
Recently, we have received complaints and concerns about these violations. Some folks feel that such parking detracts from the sense of orderliness in the community and a disregard for our rules and regulations. Others perceive this to be primarily a safety concern as to park in such a fashion, the driver must head into an oncoming traffic lane. Without belaboring an issue, I feel that we can all agree that it is not good defensive driving habit.
Our patrol personnel are addressing this problem in adherance with the associations rules and last month issued 144 parking citations for this violation.
Guests: Parking without a properly displayed permit is still occurring despite stiff penalties. Repeat violators are having their cars towed. A gentle reminder here is that we are both ethically and monetarily responsible for the conduct of our guests. As a good neighbor and host, please screen your guest list, and when the folks arrive remind them that you are responsible for their conduct.
Just Doing Their Job: Sheriff Sandra Hutchens recently spoke before members of the Men’s Club. The first thing she mentioned was her impression of the thoroughness of our patrol personnel in screening her and other people entering our community. She commented that we are fortunate to enjoy the quality of security they provide.
God Bless.
—Tim Murphy

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